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SAP BI (Business Intelligence)

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SAP products use SAP BI (Business Intelligence) to provide an organisation with a flexible route to sharing information available for the entire organisation. SAP BI enables to share the information in real-time at every level – from the CEO to analysts, from higher executives to lower-level employees; it allows better decision making in an organisation. Business intelligence is essential for all organisations to offer a panoramic view of data, easily accessed by anybody with valid and appropriate credentials within and outside the organisations. A user can easily customise SAP BI to tailor it according to their needs and access information much faster.


  • BI Architecture / BI Platform
  • Enterprise Data warehousing / Data Modelling
  • Enterprise Reporting, Query and Analysis
  • Data Acquisition / Data Extraction
  • Transaction Data Loading
  • Master Data Loading Attributes, Texts and Hierarchies
  • Types of Info provider
    • Info cubes
    • DSO/ODS Objects
    • Info objects as Info providers
    • Info sets
    • Multi providers
    • Virtual Providers
  • Star Schema and Extended Star Schema
    • Multidimensional Modelling
    • Entity Relationship modelling
  • Differentiating between 3.x version and 7.0 version.
  • Open Hub Destination
  • Routines
  • Business Content and its Relevance
  • Performance Tuning
    • Aggregates
    • Compression
    • Indexing etc.
  • Analysis Process Designer
  • Process Chains and other Modelling Features
  • Authorization And Transportation
  • Logistics Extraction
  • Generic Extraction
  • Enhancing Standard Data Sources
  • Delta Mechanism
  • Introduction to BEX Query Designer/ BEX Analyser and other Reporting Tools
  • Free Characteristic and Filter
  • Restricted Key Figures and Calculated Key figures
  • Variables and Structures
  • Exceptions, Conditions, RRI
  • Information Broadcasting and other Reporting Features
  • Performance Tuning of Query
  • Brief about Web Reporting and Report Designer
  • Overview of Business Objects

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